Update Your CSS Without Refreshing the Page with Live.js!

Live.js and Middleman are both pretty cool, and you can use them together to harness the power of style injection.

If you’re a Mac user, stop reading and go use CodeKit.

Okay, maybe read this first.

If you’re like me, and you use Linux, read on.

What is style injection? It means that your stylesheets get loaded, but the page
does not.

Why is this good? Because you can restyle modal dialogs without having to reopen them over and over again. Seriously, it’s the bomb. If you don’t believe me go check out Chris Coyier’s Blog and watch his awesome example.

So what is Middleman? Middleman is a static site generator that helps you do fancy stuff like compress your css, html, and javascript and get automatic cache busting while using preprocessors like HAML, SASS, and CoffeeScript.

Middleman gives you this neat trick called livereload to automatically refresh your page for you during development. It was a pain to set up in Linux, and the company is going proprietary. Oh, and it doesn’t inject your CSS. Instead it reloads the entire page. We don’t want that. We want live.js.

Live.js spams the crap out of your development server with http head requests. It  checks the timestamp on your documents. If a document is updated, it gets  reloaded on the page. Yeah, a browser plugin might be better, but it gets the job done, and it’s awesome, because you get style injection.

That’s right, stylesheets get reloaded without refreshing the page.

To do this, include the partial in your layout.

in layout.erb, just above the </body> tag

<%= partial 'live.js' %>

In your partial, check the environment, and load live.js if in development.

and in _live.js.erb

<% if environment == :development %>
  <script> // source found at http://livejs.com/live.js </script>
<% end %>

Why do I not keep the source in a javascript file? Well, I don’t want the file
to be on the production server. Making it into an ERB snippet allows me to exclude it in production mode.

Boom. Now I can edit in VIM and still get automatic HTML refreshing in my browser as well as style injection. It works whether you like HAML, ERB, Less, SASS, CoffeeScript, or plain old vanilla.

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