Show Beautiful Math on Your Blog With MathJax

MathJax uses JavaScript to interpret MathML and LaTeX on your website and display it in any browser.

It’s wonderful, because the math looks beautiful and anyone can reuse the equations from your site as MathML or LaTeX.

To begin using it, just paste the following above your </head> tag. (For wordpress, there’s a plugin).

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

That’s it! Your math will now be displayed properly to anyone with JavaScript enabled. If you use MathML, your math will be displayed properly to anyone who uses Firefox, even if they do not enable JavaScript.

Here are some examples:

Inline formulas: \(\vec{v}= x \hat{i}+ y\hat{j} + z\hat{k}\)

Block formulas: $$\vec{v}= x \hat{i}+ y\hat{j} + z\hat{k}$$

Here is how I entered them in:

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